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"To be sensitive is to be alive." - Vanda Scaravelli

My discovery of yoga came from the great disenchantment of working in the non-profit sector – purposeful work when not well-informed can result in detrimental impact. It was yoga's intrinsic process of self-exploration that shifted my focus from the failure of the systems I had been working in to my own unsustainable way of being. The understanding that true sustainability begins within has formed the basis of my practice, my relationship with myself and the world. If we don’t unlearn our habits through the acceptance and awareness of our behavioural patterns, we will be hindered from realising the change we want to create. Read more...


The yoga I facilitate is an exercise in awareness of the body, and its relation to space, through movement, breath and restful stillness. We may notice sensation, action patterns, thought and even, emotion. By paying deep attention to these often overlooked details, they can inform us of our experience of being ourselves. This process of self-discovery is about developing more than just physical ability, but the internal capacity to gather and conduct the resources necessary to cultivate a sustainable self.

Inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, an Italian musician whose friendship with philosopher Krishnamurti influenced her belief in freedom from dogma, what you will find in this approach is a creative, versatile, open-ended exploration of the body free from fixed rules, technique and traditional lineage. I've received foundational training in Embodied Relational Therapy (ERT), a form of body psychotherapy, to not only include working with the emotional responses of the body but to also deepen my investigation on what it is to be human and embodied.

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