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Shankha Yoga Ni Hsieh Portrait

"To be sensitive is to be alive." - Vanda Scaravelli

After working for over a decade in the third sector, I realised that sustainability begins with us. Personal change is integral to change-making in our community and environment. 


My discovery of yoga came from the disenchantment of working in this sector – purposeful work when not well-informed can result in detrimental impact. It was the intrinsic process of self-exploration that shifted my attention from the failure of the systems I had been working in to my own unsupportable way of being. The understanding that true sustainability begins within has shaped my practice and more broadly, my approach to living. If we don’t unlearn our habits through the awareness of our behavioural patterns, we will be hindered from realising the changes we want to create. 

Currently, I've taken a year-long hiatus from teaching yoga (and fundraising) to embark on an investigative journey around the world to experience projects that have developed different sustainability concepts to support community and ecological wellbeing. 

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